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Las Lajas, Perla Negra Honey - Costa Rica

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Flavor: Beautifully balanced and intensely fruity. Mission Fig, Blackberry, Rainier Cherry and Honey Dates envelop you.

Feelings: You just got a promotion, your screenplay was just picked up and your best friend is getting married and this coffee brings it all together.

Black Honey: This contains 100% of mucilage. Its dehydration process is slower, allowing an intense sweetness and generating fruit flavors, with an incredible acidity. 

Beneficio Las Lajas ranks as one of the most progressive, high-quality coffee mills in all of Costa Rica. Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacón are the third generation of coffee producers in Costa Rica and the first once to process their own coffee. Las Lajas is one of the few farms in Costa Rica growing Certified Organic coffee.

Las Lajas is located in Sabanilla de Alejela Costa Rica near the base of Poas Volcano. The west Central Valley is the location of some of the best coffee in Costa Rica. Francisca and Oscar Chacon are third generation coffee farmers since 1840. When Oascar’s father passed away he inherited 5 hectares at the age of 18. He and his mom kept the legacy alive. In 1997 Fransisca and Oscar were married. Fransisca attended University in Costa Rica for an agriculture degree in coffee. 

In 2009 a massive country-wide earthquake caused widespread power outages and destruction right at the peak of their coffee harvest. Francisca had a crazy idea to try and dry their coffee with the cherry intact since that is how they do it in parts of Africa where there isn't electricity and running water in the dry season. So they spread their coffee cherries out on patios, flat roofs and even hastily built camas africanas (african style raised beds) and dried their coffee slowly in the sun. The results were this crazy black dried cherry that they called Perla Negra. And it was amazingly delicious! And history was made in Costa Rica.

Producers: Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacón
Country: Costa Rica
Region:  Sabanilla de Alejela
Farm: Beneficio Las Lajas
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Process: La Perla Negra Black Honey - 50% raised beds, 50% patio dried - turned hourly 
Altitude: 1,250-1,750 MASL
Exporter: SMS Costa Rica
Importer: Atlantic Specialty
SCA Quality Score: 89


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