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Magical Coffees From Storied Producers

Once Upon A Time...

Producer Magic

The Once Upon a Time project is our ode to the wizardry of coffee producers. It is a project designed to bring to light the truly magical coffees these storied coffee producers are capable of when they can freely practice coffee alchemy. Stirring together their unique fusion of terroir, cultivar, process and craft to create something rarified and magical.

Coffee Alchemy

Incredible coffees that redefine what coffee can be while giving voice and equity to the coffee producers. These magical coffees from storied producers are meticulously crafted, astoundingly delicious, infinitesimally micro and available only once.

Magic Scrolls

Every week you have the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones with a limited offering of the Once Upon A Time project coffee. Every micro batch is custom roasted to order just for you. These mythic coffees are appropriately cradled in mystical scrolls and locked inside a special magical bag made of stone. When they are gone they are gone, never to return again.

20% Farmer Equity

When you buy any Torque coffee, the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the retail price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Equity.

Limited Drop

Once Upon A Time coffees are limited to a select number of boxes each weekly release.

They are roasted and shipped every Monday and limited to only the first 20 orders each week. So put your order in now to grab a spot.

Our first project coffee is here!

The Coffee Alchemy:

Finca Vista Hermosa, Edwin Martinez Reserve Lots

The Coffee Wizards

The Martinez family farms on a high slope surrounded by the lush valleys and ridges, Finca Vista Hermosa is indeed the vantage point of a Beautiful View. Their family farm is a prime example of Huehuetenango fertility, and there's a good reason it's base camp to so many roaster visits over the years. Heavily invested in ecologically sound and healthy farming practices, the farm represents the rich legacy of three generations pouring their hearts into this region.

Edwin Martinez Reserve Lots

For this Once Upon A Time Project offering Edwin and his team at the farm selected their two favorite lots from the entire harvest. They cupped hundreds and hundreds of day lots and took meticulous notes. In the end two special coffees stood head and shoulders above the rest (which is no easy task given the incredibly high quality of all of Edwin's coffees!)

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