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100% Beautiful Coffees - 20% Farmer Equity

One Box To Rule Them All

Radically unique, all-in-one coffee box. We combined the retail coffee box and the coffee shipping box into one simple package.

See It In Action

The Torque Coffee Box

50% Less Packaging

Instead of the typical 6-7 items you get from many online orders:

  • Shipping box
  • Packing tape (x2!)
  • Shipping label
  • Coffee bag
  • Coffee bag stickers (x2!)
  • Company info/packing slip etc

The Torque Coffee Box is simplicity itself and only 3 things:

  • Coffee box
  • Coffee bag
  • Shipping label

That’s it! No stickers, no packing tape, no waste, no duplicated materials. We stripped it down to the bare essentials. We reduced the materials in a typical coffee shipment by over 50%!

Reduce for the win!

Planet Beautiful

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

 100% recycled cardboard for the Coffee Box that is easy to recycle and compost everywhere. Even the shipping label and inner tissue are both 100% recycled, recyclable and compostable. And since the Torque Coffee Box has all of the coffee and company information printed on it we don’t need any stickers or other things. The inner clear poly coffee bag is recyclable in most regions. (We have so far avoided using fully plant based biofilms because of their complicated environmental life cycle problems).

Carbon Beautiful

Since we are all on the consumption end of things we can never get to carbon neutral without stealing the carbon positive from coffee farmers. So instead of aiming for a negative, we are striving to destroy less and be as carbon beautiful as we can.

Carbon Balance = Carbon Capture - Carbon Creation.

The goal is to capture more carbon than we create and get to carbon positive. But the carbon balance is not equal.

Coffee Farms Can Be Carbon Positive

Seed To Parchment

Because Specialty Coffee farms tend to be lush, tropical forests with layered canopies of shade and natural carbon sinks, most coffee farms end up being carbon positive. In other words they capture more carbon than they produce.

From the land the coffee is grown into all the way to planting, growing, fertilizing, harvests and processing to the parchment stage, coffee farms typically capture quite a bit of carbon, while producing little.

Coffee Consumption is Carbon Negative

Parchment to Roasted

Whereas us on the consumption end of coffee have no way to effectively capture all the carbon we produce getting that sweet, beautiful coffee from the parchment stage at the coffee farm all the way to that delicious sip in our favorite mug.

From dry milling the coffee, packaging it in grainpro sacks, transportation to port, shipping overseas, transportation here in the USA from port to importer, from importer to our roastery, all the carbon produced roasting, packaging and shipping the roasted coffee to you. And then finally brewing the coffee at home. We produce a monumental amount of carbon.

How Do We Aim For Carbon Beautiful?

Out of the three R's we all learned (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) Reduce is the most impactful and the hardest.

Reduce to Torque is focused on making seemingly small changes to both use less and to reduce waste. Reduce refers to the reduction of harmful, wasteful, and non-recyclable materials so you can save more money, which also benefits the environment. When you lessen the amount of these materials, especially non-recyclables, less of it goes in the garbage.

We ship our coffees in 100% Recycled and reusable packaging to reduce the amount of materials needed to ship coffee.

We are determined to continuously reduce our use of 'one-time use' items, and focus on finding creative ways to make that happen. A simple hack we are using: We do not use any packing tape on any packages. Zero waste.

Get Coffee and find out how cool it is!

The key to destroying less is focusing on the reduce and reuse portion.

At Torque we take this very seriously. Our innovative Torque Coffee Box is inherently reusable for a variety of purposes. How creative can you get?

Recycling is a myth. In the United States less than 5% of all recyclable plastic gets recycled. Yes that means that 95% of the recyclable items we all dutifully put into the recycling bin goes straight to the landfill. That's why you don't here us talking about recycling.

But we DO passionately believe in using products that use recycled materials. 100% of our mailing packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. By using products made from 100% recycled materials we do help increase that 5% recycling rate. 

And out of all the materials that CAN be recycled cardboard is one of the few success stories. We designed our revolutionary coffee box to also be the shipment box. So not only is it made in the USA with 100% recycled materials, but its both reusable and recyclable everywhere and we use 50% less packaging for every shipment.

All of the materials that Torque ships with our coffee are fully compostable at home (The inner bag is currently not compostable but we are working on that!). Not in some fantasy of 'commercial composting', but just good old fashioned home composting.

We have partnered with noissue as part of the Eco Alliance. We use their amazing tissues, stickers and shipping labels.

noissue Tissue (stickers & labels too) is printed with soy-based inks, on FSC-certified paper, and is Acid, sulphur, and lignin-free. noissue Tissue is 100% Compostable, Recyclable, and made from recycled materials.

To be certified home compostable, a product must break down in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in commercial composting conditions.

The Eco-Alliance is a growing community of businesses, makers, and brands who choose to utilize sustainable packaging and are committed to being better together. For every order placed, we plant trees in areas in need of reforestation. Membership within the community acknowledges this commitment and can be shared with customers through our Eco-Alliance badge.

100% of all shipping is carbon offset

Torque has partnered with Shopify to offset the carbon of your Torque Coffee Drop.

Many everyday activities produce carbon. The electricity you use, the miles you drive, the shipments you send to customers—almost every routine activity produces a measurable carbon footprint.

And while it's not always possible to do these activities without producing carbon emissions, it is possible to offset those emissions through a variety of accredited projects and initiatives.

Torque Coffees is a proud roaster partner of World Coffee Research and every sale includes support for WCR.

What is World Coffee Research?

190+ companies in 25 countries driving collaborative, global R&D to ensure the future of coffee.

World Coffee Research (WCR) is a non-profit agricultural research organization. We were formed by the world-wide coffee industry in 2012, with the recognition that innovation in coffee agriculture is necessary to deliver increased quality, reduce supply

chain risk, and transform coffee producing into a profitable, sustainable livelihood that can meet rising demand while also safeguarding natural resources.

What does WCR do?

We work urgently to make better plants available and accessible to farmers to enhance coffee productivity, profitability,

quality, and climate resilience. In particular, we support the professionalization of nurseries and seed systems, conduct variety trials, and accelerate breeding system modernization.

We prioritize working in 11 countries critical for supporting origin diversity. Our 11 focus countries contain 50% of the world’s

12.5 million family coffee farms and produce 30% of the global supply of coffee. Our goal is to enhance the competitiveness of these key countries and their ability to address major threats to supplies of quality coffee.

• Latin America: Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru • Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda

• Asia: India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

We have additional strategic research partnerships in El Salvador, Rwanda, and Costa Rica. Our WCR research agenda is executed in partnership with leading institutions in producing countries and around the world.