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100% Beautiful Coffees - 20% Farmer Equity

Frequently asked questions

We never sell coffee older than 48 hours after roasting and we roast to order so you always get fresh coffee.

We use the marvelous United States Postal Service for all shipments to support our package carrying heroes. And you will always receive a shipment tracking number with every order. No more guessing when it will arrive!

We don't play the "free shipping" game because their is no such thing as free. Someone has to pay and in coffee that pretty much means the producers pay. You get "free shipping" they get a lower price. So we work ridiculously hard to keep our packaging light and small and keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Have you even seen our magical Torque Coffee Box?!

Because of the undeniable prowess of USPS you will get your Torque Coffee Drop in 1-4 days almost no matter where you live in the continental United States.

At this time we do not ship internationally. But we do encourage you to talk to your local roaster and ask them if they have Responsive Producer Pricing. 

And we know that sometimes mistakes can happen and we all forget where we live from time to time. So if you put in the wrong address and let us know before it ships we will gladly correct it. 

But if it ships then just know that you inadvertently shared the love with a new coffee friend. Luckily you can just correct your address on the next coffee drop!

Our formula is ridiculously simple: 

Retail Price X 20% = Produce’s Portion.

Our Proportional Price Equilibrium (RPE) formula is ridiculously simple. Torque pays producers based on the value of the coffee, not the vagaries of the market. It’s a straight value equation: Pay Coffee producers based on the value we receive. 

Read About Proportional Pricing


It is simply what we feel the coffee producers we work with are due. It's not a premium, or a bonus, or charity. 

It's just what top quality coffee producers are due for the amazing coffee they deliver.

There are no strings attached, no requirements or rules, no conditions and no changes required. We don't tell the coffee producers what to do with their own money that they earned, anymore than they tell you what to do with your money.

Although WE are telling you what to do with your money.


It's the Producers Share of the true value of coffee.

he Torque team cups coffee and scores all 10 of it's unique attributes using the SCA cupping protocols.

That's a pro way of saying we are ridiculously focused on detailed, objective sensory evaluation of how coffees taste, feel and smell. 

Scores are objective when using a formal cupping protocol with experienced, calibrated cuppers. We are experienced, calibrated cuppers.

Coffee scores follow the universal 100 point scale of quality. We individually evaluate and score 10 coffee attributes. Then those 10 mini scores are added together to arrive at a final coffee score. That's why you see "cupping scores" or "quality scores" and the like and for Specialty coffee those scores must be over 80 points out of 100.

We roast all our coffee in San Diego, CA. Nanelle does 100% of the roasting (women are generally better at most things!) and we roast on Dietrich IR5 5Kilo for our daily roasts. For larger batches we use the San Franciscan SF25 12Kilo roaster.

And Since we use Cropster we have complete insight into the roasting process. 

We are in endless pursuit of coffee perfection.

Order Questions

Sometimes emails or texts get moved to junk or spam folders so check there!

At checkout your payment method can determine how your order confirmation is sent. So check email and text messages.

Shopify also sends you a order confirmation page where you can always check your order status.

If the coffee isn't awesome, then we did something wrong. That's on us. Just like your coffee will be. No worries, we got you.

Drop us a note with a sad trombone

To change the order frequency of an existing subscription, please follow these steps:

Click the menu in the header

Log in to your account.
Select Manage Subscription.
"Under "Order frequency", select "Change frequency".
Select a new Frequency.

To skip/resume an order, please follow these steps:

Click the menu in the header

Log in to your account.

Select the Manage Subscription.
Select View Details under the subscription you would like to skip an order for.
Select Manage upcoming orders.
Select Skip Order beside the order you would like to skip.

If your subscription has an order that was skipped that needs to be reversed, you can follow steps 1-6 and select Recover Order to reverse the change that was made earlier.