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The Torque Coffee Program:

Let's start a conversation about a partnership to bring beautiful coffees, radical equity and remarkable sustainability to your coffee program.

1. Beautiful Coffees

We aim to show that amazing coffees sourced with intention & focus, roasted exquisitely & blended culinarily can achieve immense sweetness, clarity & balance. We deliver incredible coffees that delight your senses and that your customers can drink cup after cup and still crave more. Sweetness is king.

2. Radical Equity

We believe that coffee producers deserve a greater equity share of coffee. So we created a model where Coffee Producers get equity in the full retail value of coffee. Torque pre-pays our coffee producers 20% of the retail price of our roasted coffee. It’s called Proportional Pricing and it’s radical equity.

3. Carbon Beautiful

Torque wholesale coffees come in a unique zero waste, reusable coffee tub with patented one-way valves that eliminates packaging waste while ensuring ultimate freshness and flavor. Combined with our zero waste retail bean program you can radically improve your carbon footprint and destroy less while growing sales.

4. Fanatical Support

We know how hard it is to run a successful coffee bar. You have a million things to master. We empower you to connect with your customers with great coffee signage & marketing materials. To grow revenue and profit with our unique retail coffee bag program and to serve coffee that tastes amazing cup after cup. Our Seed to Cup Training Program helps you attract and retain amazing coffee people to build your team.