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100% Beautiful Coffees - 20% Farmer Equity

Welcome To Torque Coffees

All Torque Coffee Producers were pre-paid 20% of the retail price of every coffee. 

Enjoy a delightfully complex single origin coffee or a sweet, balanced coffee composition, knowing every coffee is beautiful and every transaction is equitable. 

Sweetness Is Queen

The Producers Art Meets The Roasters Art.

We have been sourcing and roasting coffees for more than 20 years. We roast to accentuate sweetness, balance and joy in the cup. You will taste every nuance from the producers art and every bit of the complexity of the roasters art.

But you won't taste burnt or bitter notes, no sour acids or underdeveloped flavors. Just beautiful sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere who share in the equity of every coffee you buy.

100% Beautiful, 20% Equity.

Learn About The Torque Coffee Producers

We are honored to work with some absolutely amazing coffee people on the production side. From single owner farms to progressive cooperatives we love working with great coffee people.

The Revolutionary Torque Coffee Box

We reduced the typical coffee shipping materials by over 50% by combining the retail coffee box & the coffee shipping box into one simple all-in-one package. It's like magic!

Get Your Big Bags!

If you want our amazing coffee in a larger size for your office or your coffee loving home here you go!!