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You're going to love our coffees.

We roast to accentuate sweetness, balance and joy in the cup. You will taste every nuance from the producers art and every bit of the complexity of the roasters art. Super sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere who share in the equity of every coffee you buy.

Beautiful Coffees

We are privileged to source & roast incredible coffees from even more incredible coffee people. Every coffee is roasted to order and is a beautiful taste experience designed to be enjoyed, cup after cup, smile after smile.

Farmer Equity

When you buy a box of Torque coffee the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the retail price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Equity.

Easy To Love

Every Torque Coffee is delivered in 100% recycled, reusable & compostable packaging, & will be sweet & balanced, simple to brew, & a joy to drink.


At Torque we intentionally lead with people first. So instead of listing our coffees by blends or single origins we start with the Coffee Producers. We are fully transparent so you can see not only every single origin from a producer but also every blend that uses their beans as well. Yeah it's a bit different, but so are we.

Edwin Martinez

Finca Vista Hermosa is the coffee that is most close to our hearts. Back in 2004 when we had just begun roasting at our previous coffee roasting company, we made a fortuitous connection with Edwin Martinez. We ended up buying our first coffee from him. And we were the first roaster he had sold his coffee too. A 20 year friendship started with a phone call and continues to this day.

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Francisca Cubillo

Beneficio Las Lajas ranks as one of the most progressive, high-quality coffee mills in all of Costa Rica. Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacón are the third generation of coffee producers in Costa Rica and the first once to process their own coffee. It all starts with their farming practices; Las Lajas is a certified organic farm. These third-generation producers focus on preserving the environment while maintaining the highest quality coffee.

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Emmanuel Enciso

This coffee project is centered in the village of Gaitania where Emmanuel Enciso is a coffee grower raised by coffee growing parents, who taught him everything about coffee. In 2016 he began with his family to create a coffee processing center that became a strategic bridge between more than 15 villages in Gaitania and now Emmanuel and his family are processing the coffees of coffee growers throughout the area.  

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Freddy Correa

Mr. Freddy Correa, who in his farm La Primavera in Bajo Encanto, began working with Forest Coffee in 2018, to develop processes to improve his coffee quality, which in effect has a great result!

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Florencio Villatoro

In his mid-fifties, Florencio Villatoro is incredibly diligent and active despite having had many setbacks. Florencio started young, with a coffee nursery and a small lot gifted by his father. He's been working earnestly since he was 13. At the age of 25, he was in a tragic car accident which damaged his leg, but he's continued working, innovating, and thriving with the support from his family.

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Proportional Pricing

Of the $400 Billion in coffee value, less than 10% remains in coffee producing countries & often less than 5% in the hands of coffee producers.

We believe that coffee producers should share in our success. So we created a radical new model where Coffee Producers get equity in the full retail value of their coffee.

Coffee Producers are pre-paid 20% of the retail price of their coffee beans. This more than doubles their equity share of the value of their coffee.The higher the price you pay the more they were paid. The transparent 20% ratio means both you and the farmers know exactly how much of the value they receive.

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