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☕️ Beautiful Coffees, Radical Equity, Easy to Love. ❤️
Coffee in Equilibrium

All Torque Coffee Producers were pre-paid 20% of the $20 retail price of every coffee. 

The price paid to the coffee farmer is set by the price you pay. The higher the retail price the more the coffee farmer earns, proportionally. It's an entirely new paradigm in how coffee is valued. Enjoy a delightfully complex single origin coffee or a sweet, balanced coffee composition, knowing every coffee is beautiful and every transaction is equitable. You are the torque that breaks the chains and brings coffee into equilibrium. Join us in changing the world through coffee.


Beautiful Coffees

Roasted & shipped same day, each bag of coffee is beautiful taste experience that is designed to be enjoyed, cup after cup, smile after smile.

Radical Equity

When you buy a bag of Torque coffee the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Share.

Easy To Love

Relax knowing that every coffee is delivered in recycled, reusable & compostable packaging, & will be sweet & balanced, simple to brew, & a joy to drink.

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