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Florencio Villatoro

Florencio Villatoro

In his mid-fifties, Florencio Villatoro is incredibly diligent and active despite having had many setbacks. Florencio started young, with a coffee nursery and a small lot gifted by his father. He's been working earnestly since he was 13. At the age of 25, he was in a tragic car accident which damaged his leg, but he's continued working, innovating, and thriving with the support from his family.

Florencio's wife Lesvia Marilú López has actively worked in the farm operations through the decades. Now, their four children, Riner, Maikel, Yelsin and Danita, are adults living and working around the farm. On any given afternoon during the bustle of harvest, you might see Florencio turning parchment rows on the patios or laughing with his grandchildren while Riner weighs cherry turn-ins from pickers, and Maikel cups day lots with the cousins in at the family lab.

Florencio has a great sense of humor, and like the rest of his family is kind and generous; and a great host. He loves to talk with friends, spend time outdoors, watch soccer with the community, and spend a lot of time with his family. 

All of these coffees currently use beans from their familiy farms and every coffee represents a 20% Farmer Equity Proportional Price.

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