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Roaster's Flight

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Quick Coffee Info:

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Learn About Proportional Pricing

The Roaster’s Flight is 3x 100g samples of our three favorite Coffee Compositions.

The producers we get to work with are masters of their craft. They have extensive experience in crafting the right combination of terroir, cultivar, environment and processing to achieve coffee perfection. 

As roasters we take pride in dialing in the optimum parameters in the roast profile to maximize the attributes and flavors inherent in these masterfully crafted coffees. And we think it's great fun. And then we get to have even more fun by creating coffee compositions by blending two or more of these coffees, or even the same coffees with different roast profiles together to create a new experience. 

Roasting amazing coffees is incredibly rewarding. Creating new flavor experiences from those coffees takes the fun and turns it up to 11. Coffee blends are art meets science. 

Curated by our team to be enjoyed together while also giving you a taste of the range of beautiful coffee compositions we have created. All packed together in one simple, environmentally friendly package. 

Plenty of each coffee to brew a few batches and even pull some shots while tasting the rainbow of coffee flavors. You get a taste of Torque that empowers you to find out your taste preferences and learn about how fun and delicious great blends can be. That's a triple win right there my friend.

The Torque Coffee Bag

Plastic Free, Compostable, and Biodegradable, even the valve, zipper and label.

20% Farmer Equity

When you buy a box of Torque coffee the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the retail price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Equity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Klassen (Newburgh, US)
Wonderful, Spectacular Coffee

I love these guys and you will too, quick efficient delivery, really good people, crazy transparency and incredible coffees.

Mad Snyder (Daphne, US)
Delish, fresh coffee trio

I love this coffee. Great flavor profile and INCREDIBLE mission to support coffee farmers. You won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I was gifted. Thanks for the gift, Torque!