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Finca Sabana Redonda, Anaerobic SL28 Doble Diamond- Costa Rica

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Diamante Doble- Natural Anaerobic Process

Francisca chose again the sweetest, highest Brix content cherries from the Sabana's SL-28 picks and did an immaculately clean Natural Anaerobic process called Diamante Doble to develop a different set of flavors and complexities.

Diamante Doble

  • Anaerobic Natural processing - stainless steel tanks 76 hour ferment
  • 100% Raised Bed drying - 24 days drying
  • Pick of the harvest -highest brix
  • Higher Temperatures - faster drying, continuous turning

    A standard 10oz / 285g Torque Coffee Box of this coffee. 

    Beneficio Las Lajas ranks as one of the most progressive, high-quality coffee mills in all of Costa Rica. Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacón are the third generation of coffee producers in Costa Rica and the first once to process their own coffee. Las Lajas is one of the few farms in Costa Rica growing Organic coffee. Las Lajas specializes in several different types of honey-processed coffees as well as natural process coffees.

    Sabana Redonda, it is one of the higher elevation farms that Las Lajas owns. This one is located on the foothills of “Poás” volcano at an altitude of 1600 meters above the sea level. The farm is truly excellent for specialty coffee due to its cool climate conditions and the volcanic soil.

    Las Lajas micromill has perfected the craft of producing exceptional coffees using either method. Their Natural coffee process: Perla Negra and Alma Negra, and their Honey process: Yellow Honey, Red Honey and Black Honey consistently win awards for clarity and flavor. Black Honey refers to a method by which 100 percent of the mucilage is left after de-pulping and the coffee is turned once per day while drying. This technique allows the fruit more time to penetrate the coffee’s parchment layer, imparting a very sweet and unique profile.

    Producers: Francisca Cubillo and Oscar Chacón
    Country: Costa Rica
    Region: Poás Volcano
    Farm: Finca Sabana Redonda 
    Varietal: SL-28
    Process: Natural Aerobic
    Altitude: 1,600-1,750 MASL
    Exporter: SMS Costa Rica
    Importer: Atlantic Specialty
    SCA Quality Score: 93.5

    Coffee Producer info. Benefico Las Lajas Sabana Redonda

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