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The Simply Good Coffee Brewer

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Do one thing.

simply and excellently

The brewer uses a fast & powerful flash heating element that consistently delivers 195°F to 205°F water. The perfect temperature for Torque Coffees.

Ideal Brew Temperature

The wide shower head and Bloom function work with the correct water pressure, drip distance and #4 filter shape to create even saturation to get all that sweetness.

Proper Saturation

While coffee-to-water ratios vary based on strength and flavor preferences. The Torque recommended recipe for a filter coffee is approx. 21-25 grams or 2 rounded tablespoons per 12oz cup of coffee.

Optimal Dosing

This brewer is designed to deliver on flavor. The approx. 6-minute brew cycle will produce optimal extraction. Coffee freshness, grind size, water temp, ratio, blooming, and brew time are all extraction variables that affect the flavor of your coffee. Make sure to keep the BLOOM button ON for Torque Coffees.

Optimal Extraction


Excellent Coffee At Home

Experience coffee nirvana at home. Designed for confident coffee brewing at home with ease. 

* Brews up to 8 cups

*Simple 1-button operation

*Optional bloom function

*Wide shower head design

*Filter basket with magnetic catch

*Glass carafe with mixing tube

*Removable parts for easy cleaning

* 2 Year Warranty & 30 Day Guarantee

Only $149.95

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*Torque is a Simply Good Coffee partner and we earn a small bit o' coin when you buy an Olson brewer.

Beautiful Coffees

Roasted to order & hand-packed in our rad Torque Coffee Box, every coffee is a beautiful taste experience designed to be enjoyed, cup after cup, smile after smile.

torque coffees proportional pricing

Radical Equity

When you buy a box of Torque coffee the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the retail price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Equity.

Easy To Love

Relax knowing that every coffee is delivered in recycled, reusable & compostable packaging, & will be sweet & balanced, simple to brew, & a joy to drink.

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