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Torque Coffee Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Coffee Drop
Casey Scollo
Great tasting

Loved the flavor of this coffee!

Amazing product!

This is absolutely delicious. I love the blend and flavors. Totally hits the spot in the morning :)

Diamante, Hoja Blanca - Guatemala


I love the coffee itself. Very enjoyable and delicious!!

Garcilazo - Costa Rica, Honey

Liked the reusable packaging! Coffee tasted darker than I'd expected based on description and appearance of bean, but still sweet/balanced

Coffee Drop
Brian Lisle
Torque coffee

These beans are fabulous ... some of the best medium roast I've ever had.

Espresso Drop
Paula roth
Morning bliss

Coffee is fabulous. Morning bliss and a reason to get out of bed. I was hesitant as have tried MANY proclaiming to be excellent but this truly is. Also tried with hint maple and topped pecan dust and well.. mornings are for savoring.

A Smooth And Natural Taste

I love that I don’t need milk or sugar with this coffee! The natural taste of the ground beans while smelling it before, during, and after brewing is consistent and just keeps getting better. Healthy, sustainable, and empowering all in a cup!

Espresso Drop
Ruth Romero
Smooth finish

I tried the Espresso Drop and was pleasantly surprised with how smooth, bild, and delicious my cup of coffee was when using a regular drip coffee machine. I was very impressed with the coffee quality and flavor! Would love to try the other coffee varieties too!

Espresso Drop
Really Good Espresso

This espresso is smooth, fruity, and not at all acidic. I really enjoyed it in my almond milk latte.

Perfect coffee every time!

This coffee is smooth and delicious, everytime. Having fresh roasted coffee by a coffee company who actually knows how to roast makes all the difference for a great tasting coffee! If your on the fence about switching from grocery store coffee, do it! You will not regret it

Coffee Drop
Andrew Knudson
Delicious. Simple as that.

Delightfully aromatic, medium roast without the acidity. Very pleased!

Coffee Drop
Jenn Smith
Great flavor!

This coffee is a wonderfully roasted coffee. I have the whole beans, and they were flavorful and had a wonderful aroma to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone look for a well balanced lighter roasted coffee (even if you usually order dark roasts).

Sooooooooo good!!!!

Coffee Drop
Xan McPherson
Very tasty!!

I am really impressed with Torque coffees, the coffee itself is so tasty and well-rounded, I was able to get mine sent to me grounded which was also awesome.

Smooth and delicious!

This coffee was love at first sip! The flavor is so smooth, zero bitterness which is a sign of great coffee roasting! I don't think I will ever have another coffee brand again. This is amazing

Coffee Drop
Jennifer Sink
Really like the coffee beans

Very impressed with the quality and taste of the beans!

Coffee Drop
Alicia Bell

I was pleasantly surprised! This coffee was absolutely delicious! It wasn't too bitter or overly acidic. Very smooth and full of flavor!

Amazing coffee!

We love this blend and the brand story. Kudos to coffee!

Coffee Drop

Amazing coffee

Finca Garcilazo Honey - Costa Rica

Whole Beans, Whole LOTS of Flavor. TASTE GREAT go get it!

My entire extended family each individually told me they loved the flavor depth and smoothness of this great tasting coffee. We ground it fresh from the whole bean. Sustainable, air seal, packaging is quality! It came very quickly in the mail and has a time stamp on each coffee bag showing the date of when the beans were packaged and how much of the profit goes back to the actual farmer. Great company!!! Buy it.

Delicious espresso!

This was my first time trying torque coffee but it won’t be my last. The espresso was rich in flavor yet smooth. I loved using it for high quality lattes in my home

Espresso Drop
Julie Gaeley
Delicious espresso!

This was my first time trying Torque, and I was very impressed. The espresso was smoothe and delicious. loved the espresso, and will definitely be getting more!

Finca Diamante - Guatemala

Beautiful Coffees

Roasted & shipped same day, each bag of coffee is beautiful taste experience that is designed to be enjoyed, cup after cup, smile after smile.

Radical Equity

When you buy a bag of Torque coffee the coffee producer (farmer or cooperative) was pre-paid 20% of the price you paid. Proportional Pricing is the Producers Equity.

Easy To Love

Relax knowing that every coffee is delivered in recycled, reusable & compostable packaging, & will be sweet & balanced, simple to brew, & a joy to drink.

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