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100% Beautiful Coffees - 20% Farmer Equity

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And read below to learn a little more about how we are bringing radical equity to coffee farmers worldwide.

We aim to show that amazing coffees sourced with intention and focus, roasted exquisitely and blended culinarily can achieve immense sweetness, clarity and balance. That paying more for quality coffees without compromise means that coffee farmers can focus on sweetness and quality and deliver their best work.

Coffee That's Easy To Love

We want to bring the coffee industry into equilibrium. Our goal is to break the coffee supply chain. Break it by torquing the value balance. Give value where value is due. Its simple: we value the producers work based on the value to us. 20% of the retail price of the coffee is due the producer. 

Coffee That Shares The Love

100% Beautiful, 20% Equity

It's ridiculously simple. Farmers get the first cut.Torque simply pre-pays our coffee producers 20% of the retail price of our roasted coffee. The transparent 20% ratio means both you and the farmers know exactly how much of the value they receive.