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Emmanuel Enciso

Emmanuel Encisco

This coffee project is centered in the village of Gaitania where Emmanuel Enciso is a coffee grower raised by coffee growing parents, who taught him everything about coffee. In 2006 he had the opportunity to learn much more about processes, quality, and varieties; managing to focus his farm and several producers in the micro region on producing specialty coffees. But he had a problem in common with so many other coffee growers, they did not have the capacity to produce large quantities, because they did not have a central coffee processing center for quality processes. That is why in 2016 he began with his family to create a coffee processing center that became a strategic bridge between more than 15 villages in Gaitania and now Emmanuel and his family are processing the coffees of coffee growers throughout the area.  

All of these coffees currently use beans from their familiy farms and every coffee represents a 20% Farmer Equity Proportional Price.

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