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100% Beautiful Coffees - 20% Farmer Equity

Coffee Drop

Rating: 4.97 out of 5.0

Sweet | Balanced | Fresh

Producer Equity: 20% of retail price = $4.75/lb Farm Gate

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Flavors: Always ridiculously sweet, completely balanced and easy to love. 

Feelings: This is the sweet stuff, the luxuriously plush stuff, the decadent candy bar in a cup stuff. 

Each Coffee Drop is a unique, one time composition (blend) of a pair of our current Single Origin coffees. We create a fresh beautiful composition of two wonderful coffees, roast profiled and blended to be an even tastier coffee than either coffee alone. Designed to be brewed at home and guaranteed to be easy to love. It's a fresh, unique blend every month, but it will be the same deep sweetness, exceptional balance and wonderful core flavors each time. So always new but never weird!

Each bag of coffee is easy to brew & meant to be enjoyed, cup after cup. A remarkably sweet and balanced cup every time. No quizzes, no guesses, no misses. Just coffee you will love. Always a fresh modern coffee experience without the worry. 

This month's Composition:

Golden Bean Champion 2022 Bronze Medal

5 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Casey scollo (Sanford, US)
Great tasting

Loved the flavor of this coffee!

Brian Lisle (Denver, US)
Torque coffee

These beans are fabulous ... some of the best medium roast I've ever had.

Jen M (Yellow Jacket, US)
Perfect coffee every time!

This coffee is smooth and delicious, everytime. Having fresh roasted coffee by a coffee company who actually knows how to roast makes all the difference for a great tasting coffee! If your on the fence about switching from grocery store coffee, do it! You will not regret it

Andrew Knudson (Lemoore, US)
Delicious. Simple as that.

Delightfully aromatic, medium roast without the acidity. Very pleased!

Jenn Smith (Saint Paul, US)
Great flavor!

This coffee is a wonderfully roasted coffee. I have the whole beans, and they were flavorful and had a wonderful aroma to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone look for a well balanced lighter roasted coffee (even if you usually order dark roasts).