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El Socorro, Pacamara Honey - Guatemala - Bulk 2lbs


Tropical Fruit | Brown Sugar | Honey

Producer Equity: 20% of retail price = $5.15/lb Farm Gate

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Flavors: Tropical Fruit, Brown Sugar, Honey

Feelings: This coffee gives you that "Everything is peachy! The kids are alright, the world is alright, we can DO this!" right in the feels

900g/2lb BULK Coffee in our OG Torque Bags.

We have been working with Juan Diego since 2009. El Socorro is one of the most award winning fincas in all of Guatemala and is a coffee farm of unsurpassable beauty in the highlands of Central Guatemala roughly 50 kilometers from Guatemala City. El Socorro’s prized coffees are a result of its high altitude location combined with University trained agronomist Juan Diego’s great attention to detail. He has spurred the farm's focus on quality coffee production with advanced processing techniques including warm water fermentation, which speeds up the fermentation process. In this shorter period of fermentation, the coffee grain keeps its density & maintains the coffee's components intact.

Producer: Juan Diego De La Cerda
Country: Guatemala 

Region: Palencia 

Farm: Finca El Socorro

Varietal: Pacamara

Process: Honey Processed

Altitude: 1,850 MASL

Exporter: El Socorro

Importer: Falcon Specialty

SCA Quality Score: 88.75

Bag Size: 340g

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