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Garcilazo, Hybrid15 Honey - Costa Rica

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Mandarin | Maple Syrup | Peach

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Flavors: Mandarin, Maple Syrup, Peach

Feelings: Sweeter than candy. Like gently gliding into a down comforter. 

Alice Soto loves coffee & wishes to keep the farm a living legacy for future generations. The farm uses zero insecticides and is focused on growing the native bee population to enhance natural pollination. New, modern high quality hybrids yield exceptional cup quality & natural pest protection. She hopes that she can show her grandkids that coffee farming can deliver joy, hope and pay the bills. Patalillo Wet Mill is a state of the art wet mill highly tuned for Costa Rica’s unique honey process. It allows the hard work of Alice to shine in this perfect Honey processed Tres Rios Costa Rica coffee.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tres Rios
Farm: Finca Garcilazo
Varietal: Hybrid15 (Costa Rica trial winner)
Process: Honey Processed
Altitude: 1,350 MASL
Exporter: SMS Specialty
Importer: Atlantic Specialty
SCA Quality Score: 87.50
Bag Size: 285g/10oz


Coffee Producer: Finca Garcilazo, Costa Rica

4.8 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jen M (Golden, US)
Smooth, delicious

Amazing coffee. The flavor is so incredibly smooth, you will wonder how you ever choked down your previous coffees before this one. You can brew it strong and never have the bitter flavor to go with it. I even find myself using less cream with this roast

Tom Kimmerer (Lexington, US)
Finca Garcilazo Honey - Costa Rica, a wonderful coffee

I just poured my first cup of Finca Garcilazo Honey - Costa Rica. It is marvelous. Slightly dark, not the least bit bitter, smooth, and with sweet notes. I could drink this all day. In fact, I think I will.

Andrea Costa (West Warwick, US)
Garcilazo - Costa Rica, Honey

Liked the reusable packaging! Coffee tasted darker than I'd expected based on description and appearance of bean, but still sweet/balanced

Jen M (Pleasant View, US)
Smooth and delicious!

This coffee was love at first sip! The flavor is so smooth, zero bitterness which is a sign of great coffee roasting! I don't think I will ever have another coffee brand again. This is amazing

Dayna James (Fort Worth, US)

Finca Garcilazo Honey - Costa Rica