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Beautiful Coffees with Farmer Equity.

We Source & Roast:You're Going To Love Our Coffees
Coffee people love our coffees.
Coffee people love our coffees.

We source and roast to accentuate sweetness, balance and joy in the cup. You will taste all the nuance of the producers art and the complexity of the roasters art. 

Coffee producers love our coffees.
Coffee producers love our coffees.

At Torque every coffee producer receives equity in the full retail value of their coffee beans. 20% of the retail price you just paid was pre-paid to the farmer who produced this coffee for us.

It's Beautiful
It's Beautiful

Super sweet coffee from some of the best coffee producers anywhere, who share in the equity of every coffee you buy.

It's Equitable
It's Equitable

It’s wonderful, radical, proportional and equitable. It’s what coffee should be.

Coffee Is People

At Torque we intentionally lead with people first. So instead of listing our coffees by blends or single origins we start with the Coffee Producers. We are fully transparent so you can see not only every single origin from a producer but also every blend that uses their beans as well. Yeah it's a bit different, but so are we.

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Good Words from Good People

As a grower, exporter and importer I find measuring impact is complex. Torque’s model is refreshingly simple and clear!

Edwin Martinez
Onyx Coffee

There’s a refreshing simplicity to Proportional Pricing that in a lot of ways mimics where specialty coffee is—or is trying to be at least.

Zac Caldwater
Sprudge Magazine

Understanding the ramifications of coffee pricing is challenging. Torque Coffee unpacks the complexities & presents the information approachably & they give you a great coffee to drink while you change the world.

Sarah Allen
Barista Magazine

Torque is the next stage in coffee supply chain evolution. Torque provides a platform that others should mimic to make proportional pricing the norm.

Chris Deferio
Keys to the Shop

Torque Coffee’s new Proportional Pricing model ensures equity for coffee producers. Torque pays producers 20% of what a bag of coffee costs the consumer. Simple.

Valorie Clark
FreshCup Magazine

The experience of delivery and the mission and quality are a testament to turning the tables on premiums for producers

Darrin Daniels
Cup Of Excellence

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